Day 81 Dubois, WY to Teton National Park, WY

Today’s Stats: Miles 65, +/- Elevation 3327/3461. Total Miles 2,844. Weather started in 50’s and went to low 80’s.

Today the journey takes us over Togwotee Pass a 9 mile climb which was daunting to be sure. We are starting to see the affects of the MT and OR fires with smoke haze obstructing the views.

As we start our way to pass. Mom and Cubs have been sighted on pass. Oh boy! Having bear spray does not give us comfort. sign then said “Stay in you vehicles” again no comfort.

Made it over pass with no sign of bears.

Came upon road project and flagman let us go through and ride on newly paved road had it all to our selves.

Isabelle, Bridget and Enelia Eastbound cyclist we met on top of Togwotee Pass. Amazing conversation with these women one was signing for other two deaf riders! Lots of courageous riders out there.

Jens and Shelly with us as we entered Grand Teton National Park.

6 thoughts on “Day 81 Dubois, WY to Teton National Park, WY

  1. Hi Pat and Mark,

    I continue to be amazed at the interesting people that you have met on your journey. And it has to be comforting to have Jens and Shelly as a fairly regular companion. 65 miles, much of it uphill, is very impressive.


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  2. Wow yall are amazing, and the Tetons are indeed beautiful! Just curious where are yall staying in Teton area (seems like it might be hard to find a place to stay this time of year)?


    1. National Park has no turn away at hiker/biker sights which you could not do without as all camping and lodging booked. We have camped at Colter Bay and Jenny Lake.


  3. 9,584 feet is a LOOOONG way up from when you dipped your tires in the Virginia shore. Your views must be amazing. I continue to be incredibly impressed with what you are accomplishing. Love you.


  4. Such interesting people you are meeting along this trip across the country! Hope that the fires and bears don’t interfere with your travels. Good thoughts coming your way for safe travels, Pat and Mark. Jeff and I so admire your tenacity with this journey.


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