Day 82 Colter Bay to Jenny Lake Campground within Teton National Park

Today’s Stats: Miles 20 , +/- Elevation, 636/604, Total Miles 2,864.

We started the day with a hearty breakfast at Colter Bay with Brian, Shelly and Jens. Much discussion about how to continue our journey with the road closures and fires.

We decided to head to Jackson, WY and over Teton Pass to Idaho. Jens and Shelly meeting friends from Oregon in Ennis and making deciding their path forward. Brian sticking with original route.

So parting with our new friends was tough but expect to see them down the road.

Jeff from Boston doing Continental Divide route Canada to New Mexico.

Very limited phone service but Mark received call from hostel….go figure.

Smokey Tetons in picture behind Mark.

Tetons behind us.

Met Gypsy and Mike they are very interested in our trip they live to travel and are touring Yellowstone.

Jenny Lake by our campsite

Isaac also westbound cyclist doing during his summer break. Student at Washington University in St. Louis.

Carrie and Tony doing National Park loop from Cody, WY leaving friends home. Actually they are teachers in Yuma, AZ.

Stuffed Grizzly Bear so when we asked ranger if bear spray is affective he advised he has been charged 6 times. So guess it is! Then he detailed correct way to use.

Helpful tips

First bathroom in Grand Teton National Park located at Jenny Lake Campground 1929.

4 thoughts on “Day 82 Colter Bay to Jenny Lake Campground within Teton National Park

  1. We really enjoy living vicariously through your pots. Be safe and have fun. Love you guys. Skip and Ann


  2. Happy you have found a safe, and I am sure, scenic way to continue. Your experiences sure have been varied from bikers you have met, to creatures who have/could annoy, to difficult weather conditions and now fire hazards. But, what a trip of a life time. Your smiles show that you are weathering it all with positivity. Way to go. We will pepper you with questions when you arrive back in Illinois. Thanks so much for allowing us to travel with you from the comfort of our home. Safe pedaling!


  3. I continue to be in awe of you two, such a wonderful experience and fascinating trip. Stay safe and continue to be awesome travelers of the roads west. All the best from your hometown cheerleaders!

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  4. Glad that you have found a way to circumvent the fires. Impressed with how you figure out alternative routes. Amazing how far you have traveled in 81 days!


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