Day 83 Jenny Lake to Jackson, WY

Today’s Stats: Miles 21, +/- Elevation, 223/709, Total Miles 2,885. Weather: sunny, 80’s with the usual afternoon thunderstorms. Windy today and that seemed to blow away some of the smoke.

A short ride today so we had time to hang out at our beautiful campsite. We were at Jenny Lake in Teton National Park right at the foot of the Grand Tetons. The National Parks hold some campsites for individuals who hike or bike in. If you arrive under your own power they will have a place for you to camp.

The camp host gave instructions about Black Bears and what to do. They have had Black Bears in the campground. Our instructions were to just make lot of noise and they will go away. Apparently Black Bears are more of a nuisance compared to the more dangerous grizzly. The campsites have Bear Boxes where you lock all of your food. Also strict instructions are posted about cooking, food and not wearing to bed clothes you cooked in. No Black Bears appeared so we did not get a chance to test out noise making skills.

Clear view of Tetons so had our morning coffee by lake.

John and son Chapen finishing their adventure Seattle to Jackson today on a tandem! Very impressive doing mountain passes on Tandem. This photo was in our campground.

Horses walking by our campground.

Leaving Grand Teton National Park paved bike trail to Jackson.

Common area at the hostel.

In Jackson we stayed at the Cache House Hostel in downtown Jackson, Wyoming. For $119.00 we got a bunk and access to common areas and showers located right in downtown Jackson. Seems like a lot of money but the cheapest hotel room in Jackson is well over $400.00. Jackson used to be a quiet western town but now it is swarming with tourists, millionaires and billionaires who have second homes here.

We were bed #29 bottom bunk

Immaculately clean.

Tomorrow we are heading for Driggs, Idaho riding over Teton pass. We are trying to figure a route around some of the fires in Montana and Oregon.

7 thoughts on “Day 83 Jenny Lake to Jackson, WY

  1. LITZO I’ve known you for something like 31 years, we’ve seen a lot of crazy things. Please don’t add getting eaten by a bear to the list!!! Safe travels.


  2. Snuggling digs. So glad you two love one another. Another day of such beauty. What a way to see the country!!


  3. That hostel was squeaky clean. Jackson has been unaffordable for quite a while now even before this current real estate madness. You are definitely right about JAckson formerly being a much quieter town. Donna and I honeymooned in Jackson Hole (so mid January 1982), cross country skied to and on Jenny Lake and in Yellowstone, and we barely saw anyone.. That would not be the case today. So great that the smoke blew out so the grandeur of the Tetons were visible. That’s a great system the US Park Service has for bikers and hikers. Makes me consider visiting the Parks in the summer under my own power.


  4. The Tetons look beautiful! Glad you did not have to test out your bear scaring skills. The hostel in Jackson is impressive – so updated and appealing. Hope that you find a good route around the fires. Certainly hard to know what challenges you are going to encounter during this cross country bike trip. Wishing you safe travels, Pat and Mark!


  5. Thanks for all of the pics. All of your effort is worth the fantastic views and memories. Still praying for your continued health and safety. Candle is continuing to burn for you in church…Love you.


  6. I looked forward to reading your recent posts. I have a friend that lives in Driggs….moved there a few years ago from Bartlett. They look at the Tetons out their living room windows. Hope you are able to get to your destination staying away from those serious fires. Sounds like you are enjoying the people you meet! Stay safe! Love you both!!


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