Day 84 Jackson, WY to Driggs, ID

Today’s Stats: Miles 34, +/- Elevation, 2418/2448, Total Miles 2,919. Weather sunny started in 50’s and ended at 88 degrees.

Beautiful ride today much of the ride on bike paths. We are trying to ride through Idaho to avoid some of the smoke and fires to the north. The ride took us over Teton pass that featured over 2000 feet of climbing in 6 miles.

Another state!

Went over Snake River and enjoyed watching rafters taking off

Teton Pass.

Bike path up the pass. Freshly paved.
Pat chugging up the pass.
At the top of the pass.

If you look at picture to right of road you can see the secondary road we came slowly up.

Hazy but spectacular view

Elevation chart from today’s ride. Slow steady uphill with steep decent on the other side. Unfortunately the bike path was only on the uphill. We were on the road for the decent and was not as fun as it might have been because of poor shoulder and road conditions.

Idaho moose drinking next to road she is keeping her eye on Mark.

Over the pass we rode through 2 little towns Victor and Driggs. Like Jackson they were once sleepy mountain towns and are now growing with second homes and tourist related activities. A local told us “when the billionaires moved to Jackson the millionaires moved to Victor and Driggs.”

Another local cyclist told us about rail trail between Victor and Driggs sweet! This is drive in movie house of course in Idaho “The Spud”. Check out truck in front.

6 thoughts on “Day 84 Jackson, WY to Driggs, ID

  1. That elevation chart…wow. I can’t imagine how you do that. Those views are amazing though and the picture of the moose is cool. I have still never seen a moose in person before.


  2. Great pictures -what a beautiful part of the country! You two must have legs of steel to manage all of that arduous climbing. Love the huge spud on the truck – so clever! You continue to amaze with your perseverance, Pat and Mark.


  3. Pat and Mark….Congratulations on completing travels though another state—and a very physically demanding one. Only two states to go!! Such a dramatic change of scenery. Nice that you have been able to travel on some dedicated bike paths. hoping that new route will steer you clear of the forest fires. I continue to be in awe of what the two of you are accomplishing.


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