Day 85 Driggs, ID to Rexburg, ID

Today’s Stats: Miles 50, +/- Elevation, 574/1,716, Total Miles 2,969, weather started at 60 and ended at 90 degrees with heat advisory for this area.

Scenic ride today through the beautiful Teton Valley. Mountains all around similar to North Park and South Park that we rode through in Colorado. Still some smoke and haze from fires. Not many towns along the way but lots of potatoes.

Our entire ride today was on Highway 33.

Not a great photo but we are on the other side of the Tetons.

These two guys chased every moving object by our motel. Go for the chase and then loose interest and go sit under tree until next moving object. Very entertaining and a good calorie burner.

Good thing this guy wasn’t in parking lot.

Teton Dam break 1976 floating houses away ruining crops as water surged into Snake River and American Falls Reservoir. Dam was never repaired.

One lane construction you can see Mark in distance. Not so scenic.

Looked like a Cow B&B.

Miles and miles of potatoes growing. Should get a good baked potato or French fries here!

This ruins a great shoulder for bike riding the deep rutted rumble strips make it impossible to ride the shoulder safely.

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