Day 86 Rexburg, ID to Ontario, OR

Today’s Stats: 358 Miles (in U-Haul Truck)

Because of fires and smoke in our path we changed our route to ride into Idaho hoping to find a route to Missoula, Montana where we could continue riding west on the Trans Am bike route. Riders ahead of us reported closed roads, detours and smoke. A couple of new fires in Idaho made our planned route not viable. Seems the fire situation changes by the hour.

We weighed all possibilities and have decided to bypass the fire areas in Montana and eastern Oregon. Today we picked up U-Haul in Rexburg, ID loaded the bikes and gear in the back and headed for Bend, Oregon. From Bend it is just a short ride back to the route and we will continue west from there. We made an overnight stop in Ontario, OR where we meet up with Shelly and Jens who made a similar decision and got a ride from some friends from West Yellowstone to Idaho Falls where they also rented a truck.

We knew something like this was possible based on the history of summer wildfires in the western US and are disappointed not to be cycling the entire route. We are also missing cycling to the headquarters of Adventure Cycling in Missoula, Montana where they take your picture, record your ride and feed you ice cream. It has been a great experience so far and we have more miles to ride! As we said before we are riding our own ride! We will continue to the Pacific with Shelly and Jens and then Pat and I will continue up the coast past our planned stopping point in Astoria, Oregon.

Fires along the route.

Currently roads on main and alternate routes to MT are closed due to fires in MT and OR. They are intermittently open but would be very smoky and we feel unhealthy to cycle through.

Delicious Potato Pizza only in Idaho

Purchased gasoline for the first time since April to keep this moving.

We can even mess up a U-Haul.

9 thoughts on “Day 86 Rexburg, ID to Ontario, OR

  1. Too bad the fires are messing up the purity of your crossing..still,you have done a marvelous job… I would have picked up a U -Haul somewhere in Va..ha…enjoy the final legs from Bend


  2. When Mother Nature gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Way to figure out a way to complete this incredible journey. Enjoy your creature comforts for a few days.


  3. Flexibility and perseverance. Keys to life and boy are you guys persevering and being flexible! Way to go with the roll. And besides, Bend Oregon is a beautiful town.


  4. Sounds, like a very wise decision to circumvent the fires. You have to look at this trip as an adventure, and it has become even more adventuresome with the fire issue. Take care.


  5. This new plan just adds to your adventure. I am glad you met with others that forewarned you of what was ahead so you could make this change. Hope Adventure Cycling can make other arrangements for the cyclists to record their adventure. It is amazing that you both are carrying all that “stuff” on your bikes!! Can’t wait to read about where you go next!! Stay safe!!! Love you both!


  6. Potato pizza!! Glad you’re in a truck for a little bit. It’s so sad about all those wildfires and the devastation they leave in their wake.


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