Day 87 Ontario, OR to Bend, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 257 (in U-Haul). Back on the bikes tomorrow.

Variety of scenery on the drive

Homemade Pies is an automatic stop for bikers even when not on bikes! This is in Burns, OR now in Pacific Time.

Pat found nice yarn store. Wool Town in Bend.

Current project for you knitters out there. Purchased in Jackson WY store Knit on Purl. Yes purchased new needles for project goodbye bamboo skewers.

2 thoughts on “Day 87 Ontario, OR to Bend, OR

  1. You are getting closer to the end of your journey. I am amazed at all the ground you covered on a bike.

    I did 8 miles on my bike yesterday returning cable equipment to Cablevision store in New Jersey. It was low wind with zero elevation so ride was easy back and forth to home minus car traffic on road. The highway has painted lines for bike trail. 😀

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