Day 89 Sisters, OR to Belknap Hot Springs, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 40 +/- Elevation, 2,385/3,835, Total Miles 3,033. Weather: started in 30’s chilly morning camping but warmed up to 80’s.

An Epic ride today. All climbing in the morning past pine trees up McKenzie pass. Near the top we passed a huge lava field and posed for pictures and had lunch at the Dee Wright Observatory. The afternoon was all downhill through lush forest with giant Douglass Fir trees.

Had a great campsite at Belknap Hot Springs and a relaxing soak in the warm water.

Jens, Shelly, Pat & Mark with Sisters Mountain Range in the background.

Smiling as reaching summit!

Cresting the top.. it’s amazing the self talk needed to get yourself to the summit

As we started to climb to summit we road over signal activator that illuminated sign advising motorist that bikers were on the pass. Great safety feature.

Lunch spot

Crossed the Pacific Crest Hiking Trail.

“Above all Sanitation” so true!

Dense forest on east side of the pass.

Hit the 3,000 Mile mark.

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