Day 92 Eugene, OR to Corvallis, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 40, +/- Elevation, 479/551, Total Miles 3,134.

We had a leisurely morning with a great breakfast as we only had 40 miles of flat riding to go.

What we thought was going to be an easy ride turned into a struggle with headwinds and crosswinds. Made it to Corvallis later than expected but still enjoyed a nice dinner. Corvallis has a nice downtown and is home to Oregon State University.

Old shoes in tree along the route.

Oregon has an ideal climate for growing the world’s highest quality hazelnuts.

Dinner with Shelly and Jens at the Sky High Brewing in Corvallis. Dinner and beverages were very good except they were out of anything with potatoes. No fries, tots, or sweet potato fries. Mark wondered how a restaurant so close to Idaho could be out of potatoes.

2 thoughts on “Day 92 Eugene, OR to Corvallis, OR

  1. Road Warriors…..It sounds like you are on a college shopping trip. Good amount of miles yesterday, It feels like you will finish your journey within this next week. An amazing accomplishment. Proud of you both.


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