Day 95 Lincoln, OR to Pacific City, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 23, +/- Elevation, 1,539/1,516, Total Miles 3,237.

Today’s was high of 70 but mostly in low 60’s. Beautiful route today around Devils Lake where we camped last night.

Viewpoint off of Highway 101.

We left campground and took the road around Devils Lake and run into Scott Smith he is now heading to San Francisco to meet his sister and drive back to NY to start school. We met Scott when he stayed at the same campground we did on May 24! He has been all over on and off the route most recently in Portland, Oregon.

Road around Devils Lake very scenic and few cars. Kept us off of busy 101 Highway for a while.

Ride in and out of these Tusunami Zones. Don’t see any of these in Illinois.

At top of one of the climbs today

Dinner at Brewery

Brothers enjoying a cold one together Todd and Adam started to talk with us about trip as we walk in with a bike bag. Todd bought us a drink 🍻 Cheers! Very fun talking with them about area.

Behind brewery

As we head out meet Julian who is an Eastbound cyclist who just started out and plans on finishing in 100 days!

4 thoughts on “Day 95 Lincoln, OR to Pacific City, OR

  1. The Oregon coast is beautiful and delightfully cool in the summer. Glad we both got to experience it this summer. Of course needless to say you worked just a tad harder than we did both getting there and while there.


  2. Pat and Mark….Glad to hear that you got off of 101 for a while. After accomplishing your coast to coast trip, there is no need to take any risk. I hope your plan to take Amtrak back to Chicago comes together. It would be fun to view the Rockies from the comfort of a train car.


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  3. Cool weather, beautiful scenery and beer buddies. Sounds like lots of fun with a “bit” of work thrown in for good measure. Getting close to the end; bit wistful, I would imagine.


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