Day 97 Garibaldi, OR to Nehalem State Park, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 19, +/- Elevation, 850/778, Total Miles 3,293

Weather in 60’s with coastal breezes. Another wonderful ride with great costal scenery.

Camping in hiker/biker site with a couple of women biking Seattle to San Francisco and hiker doing Pacific Crest Trail.

The Three Sisters not to be confused with Mountain range.

We continue to meet interesting people. This deaf motorcyclist is riding to Maine and then to Florida!

Campsite with short walk over dune to see Pacific.

Kite Surfing amazing watching them speed into and away from shore then let surf take them into air

Climbed over dune from campground to get to beach.

Amazed at the vast Pacific

See fog in distance getting ready to roll on in.

2 thoughts on “Day 97 Garibaldi, OR to Nehalem State Park, OR

  1. Wow, I continue to be awed by the beautiful scenery along the pacific coast. Love to learn your experiences on those small towns along the coast. That makes me think of doing the trip as those women do. 🙂 But maybe by driving? LOL!


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