Day 100 Astoria, Oregon

Today’s Stats: R&R. Enjoyed a day off the bikes in Astoria.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Also thanks for the comments we look forward to reading them and they keep us going.

Started day with walking down to Pier 39 the old Bumblebee Cannery now a museum and coffee shop. It sits out into the Columbia River.

View from our table

The best scone

Mary and Jordan finished their TransAm East to West yesterday also. Ran into them on the way back from breakfast. Enjoyed chatting with them.

Pacific Northwest Hydrange

We visited Flavel house museum. House Museum. Captain George Flavel one of Astoria’s most influential citizens was a noted bar pilot on the Columbia River and a prominent businessman.

Looks like Flavel family enjoyed bicycling.

Bar pilots guide ships through the graveyard of the Pacific.

Even storm sewers have fish on them.

We met Jay yesterday when we were walking with bikes through downtown Astoria. He and his wife Cathy are bike riders so had great conversation about our trip and Jay gave us suggestions on places to visit. They then picked us up the next day and we went to lunch. Enjoyed lunch and getting to know Cathy and Jay. It is not everyday you get tour guide in town you decide to take a rest day in.

Jay and Cathy dropped us off at National Park and we enjoyed learning more about Lewis and Clark’s adventure and saw replica of Fort Clatsop.

Cathy picked us up and drove us by the Astoria Column you can imagine the hardships, bravery and awe of the first people that lived in this part of the country.

A special thanks to Cathy and Jay for guiding us through a special day in Astoria.

So much to see in this area of country we definitely will have to visit again. (By car)

5 thoughts on “Day 100 Astoria, Oregon

  1. Your day in Astoria was so nostalgic for me. We did all of the same things you did, plus. Glad you could enjoy this beautiful little city. Now on to the grand finale.


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