Day 102 Cathlamet, WA to Castle Rock, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles 39, +/- Elevation, 1,506/1,339, Total Miles 3,402. 18 of these miles were in pick-up see below. Weather sunny and hot, low 90’s by afternoon. Our ride to Seattle continues.

Packed up and stopped at Patty Cakes in Cathlamet for breakfast, excellent!

Across from Patty Cakes.

We got about 8 miles out of town and encountered a flagman stopping us in a construction zone. The construction area included at least 6 miles of gravel. We were talking with the flagman wondering how we were going to ride through this the first person in line motioned for us to come over to his truck. He asked us if we would like to put our bikes in the back and he would give us a ride through the roadwork! We loaded the bikes in the truck and he gave us a ride all the way to Longview past the construction and other dangerous sections of road.

Jerry and his pickup really saved us! He is from Florida and now lives on Puget Island. We rode across the island from the ferry yesterday.

Beautiful ride along the Columbia River before construction zone.
Used our extra time in Longview to do some laundry.

This is the most frequent truck we saw on the roads of Oregon and now Washington. Logging truck going to pick up load.

With their full load.

After delivery they pull back end on top of truck head to origin.

We were about five miles from Castle Rock when we encountered a road closed sign. We would have had to detour and add several extra miles or backtrack and take another road. We decided to ride around the barricades and see if we could get through. After a mile or so we came to this. Left lane was completely washed out but the pavement in the right lane was wavy but passable. We were very lucky today.

Souvenir stand across from our hotel. We were only about 50 miles from Mount St. Helens. Bigfoot souvenirs also popular here.

One thought on “Day 102 Cathlamet, WA to Castle Rock, WA

  1. I am so amazed as to how wonderful people truly are….why don’t we hear about this on the news! People opening their homes, people helping you along the way, this in itself shows us how beautiful this country really is. All the little towns you come across have such a hometown feeling to them. Thank you for sharing all the photos and telling us their story. Love you both!!


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