Day 105 Elma, WA to Shelton, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles 28, +\- Elevation, 1,270/1,073, Total Miles 3,506.

A foggy rainy day started around 60 and ended 72 degrees. This part of the country gets a lot of rain but not in the summer. Locals were glad to get some rain today as it had not rained in over 50 days.

Woke up to rain today.

Camping gear being shipped home with other stuff we will not be using for rest of trip.

Misty foggy morning.

Nice low traffic roads. Lots of pine trees.

You can see the new tree growth where logging was done and size of trees behind not logged.

Now that is a tree house

Delicious Mo’s barbecue

Good thing a short distance to our lodging.

3 thoughts on “Day 105 Elma, WA to Shelton, WA

  1. Won’t be long and you will be rolling on a different set of wheels toward home..I’m sure you will have a set of mixed feelings,but what a great adventurous trip you have taken ..great memories


  2. It was fun to vicariously experience your memory filled bike adventure, Pat and Mark. Enjoy the last few days of your trip! Can’t wait to see you in person and hear more details of your trip.


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