Day 106 Sheldon, WA to Bremerton, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles 37, +/- Elevation, 1,286/1,499, Total Miles 3,543

Perfect biking weather low 70’s and sunny. Wonderful low traffic tree lined roads in the morning, on the shoulder of some busy roads as we got closer to Bremerton.

Setting out for last full day of biking.

The smell of evergreens was wonderful.

Low tide on the Sinclair Inlet riding into Bremerton.

Looking for the seatbelts on the bikes.


Bremerton, WA is end of daily bike rides for this epic trip. Now we start to work our way to Seattle Amtrak Station with a couple of days R&R on Bainbridge Island. Eventually making our way home.

As you can see water on GPS so as far as we go! Pat’s odometer shows 3,552.

Bremerton harbor.

Bremerton home of Puget Sound Navy Museum.

Celebration dinner

Peach Cobbler! YUM

Ferry to Seattle. We will be on this tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Day 106 Sheldon, WA to Bremerton, WA

  1. Woohoo!!! What a memory you have created and what an incredible experience you have obtained. How lucky I am to be able to read your stories and travel with you across the country virtually.


  2. Mark and Pat,
    Thanks for including all of us in your extraordinary,magnficent bike ride across did the hard work and allowed us to enjoy your hard earned daily experiences..thanks again, and welcome home ( when you finally arrive )


  3. Wtg guys! The epic trip is ending. So much done and seen. What an experience. Enjoy the days ahead off the bikes. Adjusting back to “normal” life off the trails. Until the next challenge! Thanks for letting us be a small part of your journey.

    Thx, Felipe



  4. Congratulations. Outstanding trip & thank you so much for sharing it with us. You are both amazing & our heroes Enjoy the train ride.


  5. Congratulations Pat and Mark! What an amazing accomplishment. I really enjoyed you taking us along for the ride and pushing me to keep going the couple of times I was ready to quit.


  6. Congratulations to you two! This was a dream trip fulfilled. Most definitely an “epic” trip. Glad you are safe and soon to be back home.


  7. Epic for sure. Now Mark has to start planning your next amazing adventure. I’m sure he’ll come up with something great.


  8. Congratulations Mark and Pat!! This was such an amazing adventure for both of you. I am so happy that I was able to be part of your trip with the blog. Thank you so much for your dedication to post when you probably were exhausted. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back to Illinois! Love you both!


  9. Wow congrats to both of you… have really enjoyed following along on your outstanding trip with you doing all the hard work. A great adventure and memories that will,last forever. Looking forward to seeing you back home enjoy the train ride.


  10. Congratulations on this epic ride!! It has been such a treat to follow along with you everyday. That is a lot of miles to pedal. Enjoy your rest and relaxation. xoxo


  11. Pat & Mark,

    Big Congratulations on the completion of your amazing journey! We really enjoyed traveling vicariously with you.

    Have a safe trip back on the Builder.

    All of our very best!

    Susan and Bob



  12. Congratulations!
    Thanks so much for sharing your adventures.
    Thankful for safety and health on your journey!
    Hope to see you soon.


  13. You did it and it was quite the journey. Way to go!

    My sister’s step kid was on a Fast Attack sub out of the Bremerton U.S. Navy Base so it was interesting that you ended the ride in this historic location.

    Thanks for all the daily blogs as we got to “share” the ride with you all vicariously!

    Here is to the next ride…all the best and safe travels back to your home base in Illinois!


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