Day 109 Bainbridge Island, WA to Amtrak Seattle WA

Today we took the ferry from Bainbridge Island to downtown Seattle. From there we had a short ride to King Street Station and the Amtrak Empire Builder to Chicago. We have a small sleeping car on the train and the riding time is about 46 hours.

Bikes secured on ferry from Bainbridge Island To Seattle.

Such a great ferry system

Ahoy is that Seattle we see

Seattle skyline with the space needle on the left. A little larger city than most on this trip.

Outside Burb’s burger restaurant before heading to train.

Empire Builder on time.

Bikes ready to load.

Seattle Amtrak Station beautifully restored.

Bikes going on the train.
Not a lot of room to walk around.

Lower bunk makes into 2 chairs

Amtrak calls this a roomette.

Dining car with meals included with sleeper car.

Beautiful scenery in western Washington.

8 thoughts on “Day 109 Bainbridge Island, WA to Amtrak Seattle WA

  1. Looks like a cozy sleeping car. Love the rose on the table – making it seem very romantic! Looking forward to welcoming you home, Pat and Mark!


  2. We are happy that you have made it with no injuries or illnesses. What a feat.
    Safe travels home, we have enjoyed our vicarious trip with you.

    Love, Skip and Ann.


  3. Wow where did the time go!! The summer was filled with reading and seeing all the photos about your cycling adventures! Thank you so much for sharing your absolute awesome trip with everyone!! Glad you both stayed safe and made it to Seattle!! See you soon!! Love you both!


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