After our bike ride across the USA last summer we were looking for a new adventure. This year we are attempting a ride across……Iowa. RAGBRAI is a week long ride from east to west in Iowa. Unlike last year we have a luggage service to carry our gear. Also unlike last year we will be joined by over 10,000 other cyclists.

Heading to the start of RAGBRAI (Bike across IOWA) this is a weeklong adventure. We will ride approximately 460 miles.

Mark with David a former co-worker of Pat’s at AT&T. This is David’s 3rd RAGBRAI so we are looking for his guidance.
Pat’s bike firmly mounted on top
Crossed over the Mississippi River into Iowa
Arrived in Lansing Iowa where we drop car, duffels and catch bus. We are using charter service called Pork Bellies that carry our luggage and set up our tent daily! so when we saw this van we knew we were in the right place.
Settled in for 5.5 hour bus ride to start town.

Beautiful scenery along river

Shelly and Jens from Oregon are also joining us.
Let the new adventure begin!

27 thoughts on “RAGBRAI

  1. What fun! Compared to what you’ve done, this must seem like nothin’! You guys are such pros! Hope you have a terrific adventure, great to hear from you!!


  2. Hey! You whippersnappers! Stay out from under semi tires, drink lots of water, and if you see a fairgrounds stop and eat some French fries…you’re both wasting away to nothin’ Have a great ride! Weren’t Jens and Shelly with you on cross-country ride last year??? ❤️


  3. How fun that you are on to another bike adventure! Glad that Shelly and Jens are with you. Enjoy your riding!


  4. Pat & Mark So you are at it again, we want to wish you the very best on your latest adventure. We are looking forward to reading your blogs, so keep them coming.

    We are going to be sharing your blogs with friends and family.

    Good luck and happy trails.

    Larry & Annell



  5. Sounds like so much fun! I was wondering what you would get up to next. Have a great ride. Going in luxury this time😂


  6. Great to hear that you will be with a pack of people. Will you be traveling through Fairfield, Iowa? That is where Steve and family live and the RAGBRAI has stayed at their church overnight in the past. Take care and praying for good weather this week. Judy ________________________________


  7. It’s your other Arizona neighbors, Susie & Greg, wishing you a safe ride, a fun ride, less Iowa humidity, and more cherry pie for strength. 🙂


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