RAGBRAI day 0. Expo and steady stream of arrivals

It has been a hot and humid day in western Iowa as participants come in by the bus loads. Enjoyed the Vendor Expo.

Many riders ship their bikes to local shops so as you can see the bike mechanics are busy assembling. An unending job.
Mark, Pat, David, Shelley, Jens ready to go.
Found a way to cool down.
They even have their own beer.
Stormy clouds hopefully bringing cooler air.

12 thoughts on “RAGBRAI day 0. Expo and steady stream of arrivals

  1. Love the message on the truck – very clever! Hope that you are able to endure the heat okay. Safe and fun travels, Pat and Mark!


  2. Wow, mailing your bike and then having it assembled seems like a LOT of work. Glad you didn’t have to do that. Safe travels.


  3. Hope the first day ride was a pleasant one. Found something for you to try next July, the Winfield Criterium. Those bikers sure do move fast and furious. Close to home, so we can all go & watch you. So fun to be a spectator.


    1. Thanks. RAGBRAI is a week long bike ride across Iowa. They do this every year on a different route. Over 18,000 are on the ride this year. We are enjoying ourselves so far.


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