RAGBRAI Day 1. Sergeant Bluff to Ida Grove, IA

Rolled out this morning with over 18,000 other cyclists. Quite the experience with the road filled with bikes as far as you could see. Beautiful day of cycling in rolling hills and cooler temperatures. The local towns go all out with food, beer, and entertainment.

Today was a 53.2 mile ride from Sergeant Bluff to Ida Grove. Had some rain last night so temperature cooled off to the 80’s.
As we came to first city we had to get off and walk. Bikes as far as the eye can see. 18,000 are registered but many unregistered ride along for a day or more.
Never riding alone.
Crowd in one of the towns we went through.
This gentleman passed wearing red Ked’s high tops and towing a trailer with a big sound system. Hard work so he was grabbing a nap in the shade.
We will be seeing a lot of corn! See the windmills in the distance if only we could figure out how to transfer the power into our bikes for that last 7 miles.
We rented tents from a company called Port Belly Ventures. They also these mobile condos with A/C . Had we only known.
Hungry bikers line up for spaghetti dinner. A very long line. Delicious! We are on the property of Sacred Heart Catholic Church tonight. Dinner was catered by the Knights of Columbus.
Mark relaxing by tent after dinner!
Listening to the live music during dinner.

12 thoughts on “RAGBRAI Day 1. Sergeant Bluff to Ida Grove, IA

  1. Thank you for keeping us along on your fantastic experience. Next year the AC “condo”😂 Have a great day 👍😍C&J


  2. Not a lonely moment with this experience!! Are you able to spread out as the ride progresses throughout the day? Really looks like fun. Mobile condos even more fun.


  3. Pat, you and David were my heroes when we worked together. Now that admiration continues into retirement. Say hi to David for me. Safe travels my friend.


  4. So different from your cross-country trip. It has to be fun to be with so many other bikers. Although I assume you also need to be more attentive to avoid accidents. The evenings with good dinner and live music has to be fun.


  5. Wow!! That is a lot of bikers to ride with. Glad your biking friends joined you and Mark. Looks like this trip will be a lot of fun for you! Enjoy and cannot wait to read about your travels. Love you!


  6. Looks like you are having a great time! Can’t believe the vast number of riders. Fortunate that the temperature is a bit cooler – must make biking a lot more enjoyable.


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