RAGBRAI Day 3 Pocahontas to Emmetsburg

Another great day of riding with 18,000 other cyclists. Today’s ride included fresh corn, a visit to The Grotto and ice cream fresh made using mini steam engines. Relatively short day today gives us time to rest for tomorrow’s 104 mile ride.

Fresh picked this morning.
Enjoying the harvest
West Bend Church
The Grotto “The 8th wonder of the world” link below gives history.


Beekman’s homemade ice cream. They have engines going you can here from afar….then you see the line.
Mark in line for ice cream Peach, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry. Yummy
With so many people the port-a- potty’s can’t keep up so into the corn folks go!

This place even left TP

4 thoughts on “RAGBRAI Day 3 Pocahontas to Emmetsburg

  1. Such fun experiences, and so typical of the Midwest. Really enjoy your blog. Know it must be an effort after a long day of pedaling, so thank you.


    1. Internet is spotty so try to grab when can. Due to the high volumes of riders and support people as you can imagine.


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