RAGBRAI Day 4 Emmetsburg to Mason City

Today’s ride was 105 miles to honor one of the founders of RAGBRAI who recently passed away. Many years ago RAGBRAI always included one 100 mile day. They have discontinued this in recent years but added it back this year. Lucky us! Weather was pleasant and we had a steady tail wind so the day was long but not as strenuous as expected.

We tried to keep moving but managed to visit the Iowa corn exhibit and enjoy a few songs by an Elvis impersonator.

Daycare out for walk….watching the bikers

Air Force Cycling team taking a break. There are 105 of them and they are providing roadside assistance. Almost any cyclist on the side of the road with a mechanical issue is surrounded by 3 or more Air Force cyclists. They are fast!

Does this town have beer?

Want to make sure riders are hydrated on this 100 miler!
Cheerleaders encouraging us on!!!
Interesting stats
Only 1% of corn harvested is for eating corn
Elvis on the road to entertain us, however, we didn’t see his bike!
Route was actually 106.4 we will sleep well tonight.

5 thoughts on “RAGBRAI Day 4 Emmetsburg to Mason City

  1. Congratulations. You are doing fantastic!!! Keep up the fun you are sharing with us bCheerleaders from afar!


  2. Impressive long ride – over 100 miles! Glad the weather cooperated. We are off to Paris today – just boarded the plane. Continue enjoying your ride!


  3. Thot that was Pat in the center – but then saw it was Elvis! Be careful using the corn fields. I ear there are stalkers who are smooth as silk! 😜 Have a great & smooth ride today. May a tailwind rise up to boost you! Love you guys ~ Bill


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