RAGBRAI Day 5 Mason City to Charles City

A shorter day today gave us a little extra time to relax in camp. Every day we ride with riders all around us. You are never alone on this ride. At every stop you encounter locals eager to talk about life in their town or other bike riders talking about what made them decide to do RAGBRAI and how much they are enjoying the experience.

David decked out in his RAGBRAI jersey
Mr. Pork Chop an ICON here at RAGBRAI. He is set up at a different location on each days ride. Start seeing sign miles out but no mistaking the grills cooking those pork chops. Tom and Fred we found him!
The grills
So picturesque wide open spaces
Zion Church cooking chicken you need big grills to feed all of these hungry bicyclists. Homemade pie Ala mode was also a big hit!
Grilled Cheese vendor very long lines!
Welcome to Charles City
Mark heading into town
Just rode over the Missouri River bridge to town
Home for the night.

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