RAGBRAI Day 7 West Union to Lansing

Today was our final day of riding. Many riders were making bus and travel connections so they were in a hurry to get to the end. Today had a different feel from the other days because riders were not spending as much time in the towns and stops. Our streak of great weather continued with temperatures in high 50’s in the morning with the low 80’s by afternoon. Our “team” Shelly, Jens, Dave, Pat & Mark rode the entire 463 mile route.

BIG thanks to all the State Troopers, Sheriff Deputy and Local Police who directed the RAGBRAI riders at every major intersection!
However, the State Troopers had the best sound systems and music!
Heading out for the day.
The rider on the right is standing on his bike.
These two rode every day dressed like this.
Ambulances were standing by on the route in case of trouble.

The man in this photo ordered a king size air mattress delivered to him on the route after his wife complained about their sleeping pad. As you can see he was having quite a bit of difficulty fitting a king size mattress in a small tent.

We used a service that moved our luggage and set up a tent for us each night. All of the tents were the same and there was a number attached to the outside of the tent to identify your tent. It was important to remember the location of your tent during a late night bathroom run. The tents were set up in the same order every day so we got to know our “neighbors”.

One of the vendors we saw in town. Yes they give IV energy, vitamin or hydration go figure!
We passed a Turkey farm don’t they look happy but then again it isn’t November.
One of the towns that we went through today note the population was 27!
Beautiful countryside with lots of hills but also matching downhills!
We could tell it was the last day as riders we seriously head down heading to Lansing.
Loading up to head home
Bridge over the Mississippi and back into Wisconsin and home in Illinois.

17 thoughts on “RAGBRAI Day 7 West Union to Lansing

  1. You guys are awesome bikers! congrats on finishing strong. enjoyed watching your progress each evening. AND you both got fabulous tans. Enjoy your comfy bed and sofa when you get to them!!


  2. Nice job Pat and Mark!

    I knew the ride would go well and you make it look easy.

    Thanks for the daily blog!

    Tony F


  3. Looks like you had a good bike ride. Bet this ride seemed so short after your lengthy trip across the country. Welcome back to Illinois until you return to Arizona! So sorry not to get to see you. We are in Giverny today – beautiful trip!


    1. On cross country we decided on mileage everyday in this kind of event you just have to follow the program or left behind in a corn field! We had a lot of fun.

      Enjoy France


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