Day 76 Rawlins, WY to Jeffery City, WY

Today’s Stats: Miles 68, +/- Elevation, 1,821/2,096, Total Miles 2,644. Had early start due forecast of winds in afternoon. The first 56 miles of ride were beautiful then the wind started. Today’s ride featured 2 more crossings of the Continental Divide. We were making plans for early arrival when 30 plus mph head winds startedContinue reading “Day 76 Rawlins, WY to Jeffery City, WY”

Day 75 Saratoga, WY to Rawlins, WY

Today’s Stats: Miles 41, +/- Elevation, 1,083/1,168, Total Miles 2,576. Weather was overcast and in 80’s heading to 90. Sara (IN) and Audrey (NY) were going to do ride alone but hooked up through Adventure Cycling with a group of 7. As we saw Sara and Audrey off up came Allison (PA) Andrew (CA) andContinue reading “Day 75 Saratoga, WY to Rawlins, WY”

Day 74 Riverside, WY to Saratoga, WY

Today’s Stats: Miles 18, +/- Elevation, 456/745, Total Miles 2535. Perfect weather today sunny and in low 80’s. A short day today but some longer days are in our future. Saratoga has a bit more going on than some of the other small towns we have visited. Choice of restaurants, stores and a laundromat. LeavingContinue reading “Day 74 Riverside, WY to Saratoga, WY”

Day 72 Hot Sulphur Springs, CO to Walden, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 61, +/- Elevation, 3382/2992, Total Miles 2,468. Weather ranged from 46 in the morning to 81 in the afternoon. The first 30 miles today were mostly uphill through an area burned by last summer’s fires. By late morning we could see a few clouds and distant storms. The rain stayed away mostContinue reading “Day 72 Hot Sulphur Springs, CO to Walden, CO”

Day 71 Silverthorne,CO to Hot Sulfur Springs, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 56,+/- Elevation, 1,549/2,490, Total Miles 2,407. Weather today was sunny and 70’s. More downhill than up made for a pleasant ride today. Pat had flat about 17 miles left to our destination luckily there was shoulder to fix. Leaving Silverthorne. Nice sunny morning. Started day on bike path until out of SilverthorneContinue reading “Day 71 Silverthorne,CO to Hot Sulfur Springs, CO”

Day 70 Frisco, CO to Silverthorne, CO

Today’s Stats: Miles 8, +/- Elevation, 230/436, Total Miles 2,351. Changed hotels to set up for our next days in Colorado. Temperature low 70’s. Our short ride was on bike path around Dillon Reservoir. April 1, 1961 was drop dead date to move Old Dillon which is now the reservoir. All buildings were moved orContinue reading “Day 70 Frisco, CO to Silverthorne, CO”