Day 46 Marshfield, MO to Ash Grove, MO

Total miles: 47, +/- elevation 3081/3445, Total Miles so far: 1485. Weather: hot and humid high 90. Our luck ran out with the weather. The sun came out and warmed things up. The high temperatures plus the second to the last of the Ozark hills made for a tough day cycling. Destination today was AshContinue reading “Day 46 Marshfield, MO to Ash Grove, MO”

Day 45 Hartville, MO to Marshfield, MO

Total miles: 29, +/- elevation: 1778/1467, Total miles so far: 1438. Weather cloudy low 80’s. Predicted rain did not happen and clouds keep the temperature reasonable. Our destination today was Marshfield, MO. The town features a replica of the Hubble Telescope in the center of town. Astronomer Edward Hubble was born in Marshfield. Shelley andContinue reading “Day 45 Hartville, MO to Marshfield, MO”

Day 41 Johnson’s State Park to Ellington, MO

Total Stats: 28 miles, +/- elevation 1,923/2549, Total Miles 1,300 so far. Temperature today was 86 so afternoon riding was toasty. Jeff from Colombia, MO came over to chat as we were getting ready to leave for the days ride. He and wife Kay were with a group doing some sightseeing in area. Jeff askedContinue reading “Day 41 Johnson’s State Park to Ellington, MO”

Day 36 Carbondale, IL Rest Day

Rest day in Carbondale, Il had to change hotels due sparse availability for holiday. Carbondale is home to Southern Illinois University. Not much going on in downtown Carbondale. Stopped in Outdoor store for some gas for our stove. Owner is from Chicago suburbs went to school at SIU and came back and opened this storeContinue reading “Day 36 Carbondale, IL Rest Day”

Day 33 Sebree, KY to Cave in Rock State Park, IL

Total miles: 57, +/- elevation 3215/2982 Total miles so far: 1053. Weather, mostly sunny and hot. Today we said goodbye to Kentucky. We met so many friendly, helpful people. The roads have mostly been in good shape, scenic and have had little traffic. Almost every turn was marked with one of the green and whiteContinue reading “Day 33 Sebree, KY to Cave in Rock State Park, IL”

Day 29 Hodgenville, KY to White Mills, KY

Total miles: 21 miles, +/- elevation: 860/932, Total miles so far: 888. Weather: Partly cloudy upper 80’s Another hot day although a few clouds made it a little more bearable. Got a bit of a late start today. Looked around at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park. The park is on land that the LincolnContinue reading “Day 29 Hodgenville, KY to White Mills, KY”

Day 26 Berea, KY to Harrodsburg, KY

Total miles: 41, +/- elevation, 2582/2749, total miles so far: 787, Weather mostly sunny, mid 80’s. People looking out for us today on a long, hot ride. Beautiful campsite at Chimney Rock RV Resort at Harrington Lake. Eastern Kentucky is known for 2 things. The steepest hills on the trip and mean unchained dogs thatContinue reading “Day 26 Berea, KY to Harrodsburg, KY”

Day 24 Booneville, KY to Berea, KY

Total miles: 45 +/- elevation: 3291/3097 total miles so far: 746 Weather: cloudy, low 70’s humid. Went 4 miles or so this morning without seeing any cars. First traffic that passed us was this horse going the other direction. Horse was practicing proper lane usage and seemed to know where it was going. Did notContinue reading “Day 24 Booneville, KY to Berea, KY”

Day 23 Hazard, KY to Booneville, KY

Total miles: 49, +/- elevation: 4236/4482, total miles so far: 701. Weather: cloudy, low 70’s humid. Was having trouble with internet and I think this posted earlier. More pictures and info added. Another day of big hills. Challenging riding but hills also have a big downhill. Winding roads up and down the hills have lotsContinue reading “Day 23 Hazard, KY to Booneville, KY”