Day 111 Empire Builder Amtrak to Chicago, IL

Today’s Stats: Train traveling 80 mph so feel like we flew from Mountain to Central Time Zone. The train moves pretty fast most of the time but we also stopped a lot to wait for freight train traffic. Passenger trains are supposed to have priority but we were delayed several times. Because of COVID restrictionsContinue reading “Day 111 Empire Builder Amtrak to Chicago, IL”

Day 110 Empire Builder Amtrak

Today’s Stats: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with sightseeing on the train. We are able to go outside at certain stops but have to stay on platform. Pat at entrance of Sleeping Car Mark getting fresh air Whitefish Lake as entering Whitefish, Montana. Whitefish gateway to Glacier National Park. Great Northern Railway vintage bus at Whitefish.Continue reading “Day 110 Empire Builder Amtrak”

Day 109 Bainbridge Island, WA to Amtrak Seattle WA

Today we took the ferry from Bainbridge Island to downtown Seattle. From there we had a short ride to King Street Station and the Amtrak Empire Builder to Chicago. We have a small sleeping car on the train and the riding time is about 46 hours. Bikes secured on ferry from Bainbridge Island To Seattle.Continue reading “Day 109 Bainbridge Island, WA to Amtrak Seattle WA”

Day 108 Bainbridge Island, WA

Today’s Stats: More R&R Another gorgeous weather day on Bainbridge low 80’s and Sunny. Bainbridge Island is a 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. In the middle of the day Bainbridge is buzzing with tourists making the day trip from Seattle and visiting the shops and restaurants. By early evening things are quite aContinue reading “Day 108 Bainbridge Island, WA”

Day 107 Bremerton, WA to Bainbridge Island, WA

Today’s Stats: 2 Ferry Rides, 3 miles on Bike. We left Bremerton Ferry Terminal and headed towards Seattle (1 Hour ride). We immediately transferred to the Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. (30 Minutes) Fastening bikes for ferry ride. Leaving Bremerton beautiful day for ferry rides. Ferry traffic on Puget Sound Seattle skyline as weContinue reading “Day 107 Bremerton, WA to Bainbridge Island, WA”

Day 106 Sheldon, WA to Bremerton, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles 37, +/- Elevation, 1,286/1,499, Total Miles 3,543 Perfect biking weather low 70’s and sunny. Wonderful low traffic tree lined roads in the morning, on the shoulder of some busy roads as we got closer to Bremerton. Setting out for last full day of biking. The smell of evergreens was wonderful. Low tideContinue reading “Day 106 Sheldon, WA to Bremerton, WA”

Day 104 Centralia, WA to Elma, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles: 37, +/- Elevation, 394/512, Total Miles so far 3,478. Flat riding today but some headwinds and crosswinds. Temperature in low 70’s and sunny. Elma is about 40 miles from the Pacific coast and bills itself as The Gateway to Grays Harbor. Dinner at the Rusty Tractor Restaurant. Looks like they have beenContinue reading “Day 104 Centralia, WA to Elma, WA”

Day 103 Castle Rock, WA to Centralia, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles 39, +/- Elevation, 1302/1220, Total Miles 3,441. Beautiful sunny weather today for riding started in 60’s and ended high 70’s. Nice quiet country roads on the ride today. Mostly farmland. Only one town on the way, Toledo about 15 miles into the ride. Sure can tell what state we are in! VeryContinue reading “Day 103 Castle Rock, WA to Centralia, WA”

Day 102 Cathlamet, WA to Castle Rock, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles 39, +/- Elevation, 1,506/1,339, Total Miles 3,402. 18 of these miles were in pick-up see below. Weather sunny and hot, low 90’s by afternoon. Our ride to Seattle continues. Packed up and stopped at Patty Cakes in Cathlamet for breakfast, excellent! Across from Patty Cakes. We got about 8 miles out ofContinue reading “Day 102 Cathlamet, WA to Castle Rock, WA”