Day 101 Astoria, OR to Cathlamet, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles 36, +/- Elevation, 1,893/1,897, Total Miles 3,371. Started in 50’s and ended at 68 degrees. Guess we are loosing the Pacific breezes. The ride today was along the Columbia River. Hostel we stayed at in Astoria was old hotel with private rooms but shared bath/shower. They had storage for bikes. Front deskContinue reading “Day 101 Astoria, OR to Cathlamet, WA”

Day 99 Gearhart, OR to Astoria, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 23, +/- Elevation, 958/981, Total Miles 3,345. Misty day the ride took us on Lewis and Clark Road to bus 101 into Astoria! We have reached the end of the TransAm bicycle route. We will now ride on the Pacific Coast bicycle route to Bremerton, Washington where we will catch the ferryContinue reading “Day 99 Gearhart, OR to Astoria, OR”

Day 98 Nehalem State Park, OR to Gearhart, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 29,+/- Elevation, 2,024/1,926, Total Miles 3,322. Only saw the sun for short time this morning mostly cloudy and in high 50’s. More beautiful costal views reduced a bit by clouds and fog. We rode through the ocean side towns of Canon Beach and Seaside and they were packed with tourists trying toContinue reading “Day 98 Nehalem State Park, OR to Gearhart, OR”

Day 97 Garibaldi, OR to Nehalem State Park, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 19, +/- Elevation, 850/778, Total Miles 3,293 Weather in 60’s with coastal breezes. Another wonderful ride with great costal scenery. Camping in hiker/biker site with a couple of women biking Seattle to San Francisco and hiker doing Pacific Crest Trail. The Three Sisters not to be confused with Mountain range. We continueContinue reading “Day 97 Garibaldi, OR to Nehalem State Park, OR”

Day 96 Pacific City, OR to Garibaldi, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 37, +/- Elevation, 1,991/1,890, Total Miles 3,274. Weather sunny in high 60’s. Fog over Pacific until it burnt off. Another day of beautiful scenery on the ride. We ride a lot of up and down along the coast. Today we had a 800 foot climb. No matter how much climbing we alwaysContinue reading “Day 96 Pacific City, OR to Garibaldi, OR”

Day 95 Lincoln, OR to Pacific City, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 23, +/- Elevation, 1,539/1,516, Total Miles 3,237. Today’s was high of 70 but mostly in low 60’s. Beautiful route today around Devils Lake where we camped last night. We left campground and took the road around Devils Lake and run into Scott Smith he is now heading to San Francisco to meetContinue reading “Day 95 Lincoln, OR to Pacific City, OR”

Day 94 Newport, OR to Lincoln City, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 27, +/- Elevation, 1,316/1,385, Total Miles 3,214. Day started out foggy but cleared up and sunny in 60’s. Riding today was mostly on the shoulder of Highway 101. A very busy road but we can keep our distance from traffic most of the time. Spectacular views! Nothing like fresh fish and chips.Continue reading “Day 94 Newport, OR to Lincoln City, OR”

Day 93 Corvallis, OR to Newport, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 53,+/- Elevation, 2,812/2,917, Total Miles 3,187. Weather was sunny in 80’s and ended foggy and 60. Made it to the coast and dipped those tires in! Yeah! We will continue up the coast to Astoria then onto Seattle to Amtrak to Chicago. Thinking last night about traveling to coast. Beautiful views allContinue reading “Day 93 Corvallis, OR to Newport, OR”

Day 92 Eugene, OR to Corvallis, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 40, +/- Elevation, 479/551, Total Miles 3,134. We had a leisurely morning with a great breakfast as we only had 40 miles of flat riding to go. What we thought was going to be an easy ride turned into a struggle with headwinds and crosswinds. Made it to Corvallis later than expectedContinue reading “Day 92 Eugene, OR to Corvallis, OR”