Day 92 Eugene, OR to Corvallis, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 40, +/- Elevation, 479/551, Total Miles 3,134. We had a leisurely morning with a great breakfast as we only had 40 miles of flat riding to go. What we thought was going to be an easy ride turned into a struggle with headwinds and crosswinds. Made it to Corvallis later than expectedContinue reading “Day 92 Eugene, OR to Corvallis, OR”

Day 90 Belknap, OR to Eugene, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 61, +/- Elevation, 696/1,824, Total Miles 3,094. Sunny and high 80’s. Today’s plan is to ride to Shelly and Jens home in Eugene. They left their home 3 months ago and flew to South Carolina dipped their rear tire in South Carolina and started to head home to Eugene. We met inContinue reading “Day 90 Belknap, OR to Eugene, OR”

Day 89 Sisters, OR to Belknap Hot Springs, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 40 +/- Elevation, 2,385/3,835, Total Miles 3,033. Weather: started in 30’s chilly morning camping but warmed up to 80’s. An Epic ride today. All climbing in the morning past pine trees up McKenzie pass. Near the top we passed a huge lava field and posed for pictures and had lunch at theContinue reading “Day 89 Sisters, OR to Belknap Hot Springs, OR”

Day 88 Bend, OR to Sisters, OR

Miles: 24, +/- elevation: 531/984, Total miles so far (on the bike): 2993. Back on the bikes today for a ride to Sisters, Oregon. At Sisters we will rejoin the Trans Am bike route. Sisters is named for the nearby Sisters mountains. This is a beautiful part of the country. Lots of outdoor activities inContinue reading “Day 88 Bend, OR to Sisters, OR”

Day 87 Ontario, OR to Bend, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 257 (in U-Haul). Back on the bikes tomorrow. Variety of scenery on the drive Homemade Pies is an automatic stop for bikers even when not on bikes! This is in Burns, OR now in Pacific Time. Pat found nice yarn store. Wool Town in Bend. Current project for you knitters out there.Continue reading “Day 87 Ontario, OR to Bend, OR”

Day 86 Rexburg, ID to Ontario, OR

Today’s Stats: 358 Miles (in U-Haul Truck) Because of fires and smoke in our path we changed our route to ride into Idaho hoping to find a route to Missoula, Montana where we could continue riding west on the Trans Am bike route. Riders ahead of us reported closed roads, detours and smoke. A coupleContinue reading “Day 86 Rexburg, ID to Ontario, OR”

Day 85 Driggs, ID to Rexburg, ID

Today’s Stats: Miles 50, +/- Elevation, 574/1,716, Total Miles 2,969, weather started at 60 and ended at 90 degrees with heat advisory for this area. Scenic ride today through the beautiful Teton Valley. Mountains all around similar to North Park and South Park that we rode through in Colorado. Still some smoke and haze fromContinue reading “Day 85 Driggs, ID to Rexburg, ID”

Day 84 Jackson, WY to Driggs, ID

Today’s Stats: Miles 34, +/- Elevation, 2418/2448, Total Miles 2,919. Weather sunny started in 50’s and ended at 88 degrees. Beautiful ride today much of the ride on bike paths. We are trying to ride through Idaho to avoid some of the smoke and fires to the north. The ride took us over Teton passContinue reading “Day 84 Jackson, WY to Driggs, ID”

Day 83 Jenny Lake to Jackson, WY

Today’s Stats: Miles 21, +/- Elevation, 223/709, Total Miles 2,885. Weather: sunny, 80’s with the usual afternoon thunderstorms. Windy today and that seemed to blow away some of the smoke. A short ride today so we had time to hang out at our beautiful campsite. We were at Jenny Lake in Teton National Park rightContinue reading “Day 83 Jenny Lake to Jackson, WY”