Day 17 Damascus, VA to Rosedale, VA

Total miles: 32, +/- elevation 2927/2635. Total miles so far 516. Weather: partly cloudy upper 50’s

Spectator of the day.

Good ride today. We are going slower than expected but enjoying the ride! Lodging/Camping availability, cool damp weather, and getting our Illinois legs used to all of this uphill has limited us a little bit. Scott who was riding with us for a while and had hiked the Appalachian Trail. He said they had a saying on the trail “hike your own hike”. We are “riding our own ride”.

Our lodging for tonight was the bikers hostel at The Elk Garden Methodist Church. Very nice accommodations in the Fellowship Hall with use of the kitchen and bathrooms. We were the only 2 guests for the night. They had biker guest logs going back to the original bike centennial ride in 1976!

Front of the church.
Hostel Info
Guest log from 1976.
Full Kitchen!
Our sleeping arrangements.

In the morning we met another westbounder, Don from Texas. His wife is also along in a minivan providing support and riding some of the trail. Don reported a few snow flurries at the top of the climb up Hayters Gap that we rode up yesterday afternoon.

Writing this in the morning as we are waiting to leave. Rain and mid 40’s right now. Supposed to clear up soon. Going to do a short day today.

3 thoughts on “Day 17 Damascus, VA to Rosedale, VA

  1. I hope you remembered to inflate those sleeping pads before you called it a night. Or maybe after riding all day you wouldn’t even know the difference.

    Are you finding

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  2. Love how the Methodist Church is so welcoming of bikers. You certainly see the positive side of humanity during this bike ride. Your attitude is so smart about riding your own ride – no reason to feel pressured about trying to accomplish more than what is in your comfort zone.


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