Day 26 Berea, KY to Harrodsburg, KY

Total miles: 41, +/- elevation, 2582/2749, total miles so far: 787, Weather mostly sunny, mid 80’s.

People looking out for us today on a long, hot ride. Beautiful campsite at Chimney Rock RV Resort at Harrington Lake.

Nice dog at campground just acting mean for picture.
Dog whistles.

Eastern Kentucky is known for 2 things. The steepest hills on the trip and mean unchained dogs that will chase bicyclists. The hills are getting a little less steep but we are still being chased by dogs once in a while. Many riders carry some kind of pepper spray. We bought these whistles at an outdoor store and they seem to stop the dogs most of the time. Dogs will stop and many times retreat when blowing these whistles.

Downtown Paint Lick, Kentucky

Today we riding through the town of Paint Lick. Like many towns we see most of the old downtown buildings are empty. While we were looking around a nice person came out and offered us water and use of the bathrooms. She told a little about the history of the town and the business that once occupied the various buildings. Her company has restored several of the downtown buildings and uses them for offices.

Vicky from Copperhead Environmental Consulting.
Must not have large fire trucks here.
Paint Lick does have a post office. Friendly clerk mailed some more stuff home for us.

Not many places to buy food and water today and it was really hot. Was supposed to be a biker hostel among the route and we hoped to stop there to get some water.

We missed the hostel but found some shade of the front lawn of someone who had a bicycle on their mailbox. Hot and almost out of water, we were excited when a woman came out of the house with a couple of bottles of cold water. She then brought us some homemade brownies! She ran the bike hostel and told us stories of passing cyclists.

Her business is called Bluegrass Texas Longhorn Ranch. After we talked for a while she asked us if we would like to take 2 T-bone steaks with us. She went back in the house and brought out 2 steaks and an ice pack!

Donna from Bluegrass Texas Longhorns Ranch. She was our lifesaver!

Wes with his bike.

Met another westbound cyclist today. Wes ended up staying at the same campground. We shared some of our steaks. The owners of the campground gave me a big piece of prime rib and a baked potato when I went looking for some paper plates. We had quite a feast!

Campground lent us a grill to fix our steaks!
Home for the night.
Herrington Lake


6 thoughts on “Day 26 Berea, KY to Harrodsburg, KY

  1. Paint Lick looks like a nice little town…people sure treated you wonderfully…2 steaks, 2 bottles of cold water…can’t beat that caring


  2. You guys are having experiences and learning info that probably would not happen if you had not embarked and continue on this journey. Thank you for passing it on to us. We continue to pray for your safety, health and endurance….love those smiles.


  3. Wow – what thoughtful people you are encountering on this journey! You are definitely eating well .


  4. Love the adventure and they fire house, I’ll have to share that one with Scott. Looks like you are having a fabulous time so far!


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