Day 44 Houston, MO to Hartville, MO

Today’s Stats: 39 miles, +/- elevation 2224/2215, Total miles so far: 1409 Weather: cloudy upper 70’s with threat of rain. Hills let up a bit today made for a nice ride to our camp spot in Hartville city park. Rain has been in the forecast for several days but we have not had anything other than a little drizzle.

Proclamation at last night’s hotel from 1976 ride.
On high ridge so we had magnificent views.
Old schoolhouse on the route.

Convenience store offering snacks, chainsaw repair and sewing machine repair. Kids immediately approached Pat to sign cyclists guest book.

Rebecca the store owner showing her recent quilt she is working on. They are also farmers and son James explained the process of growing corn to Pat.

Pat signing biker guest book encouraged by Thomas and Elena. So fun to be entertained by these two! So excited to see bikers.

Hartville was the site of a Civil War battle in January 1863.

Missouri once had over 260 fire towers. About 65 are still standing. We have passed a few of these.

Beautiful campsite in Hartville city park. We set up the tent under the pavilion because rain was predicted. Shelly and Jens also camped here. We were the only 2 campers at the park so we each had our own shelter! Pat finally had some down time to work on her knitting project.

4 thoughts on “Day 44 Houston, MO to Hartville, MO

  1. Interesting pictures and commentary..boy, the old school house was strictly for learnin…no remaining ( if there ever were any) remnants of playgrounds


  2. Mark and Pat—the celebrities of the day in Hartville, signing autographs! And what a great business idea—a convenient store that sells snacks and also repairs chainsaws and sewing machines. Wheaton could use one of those. Mark, your next business venture?

    You guys are doing great.


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  3. Glad Pat got some knitting time! I love hearing about the people you see along the way. Glad it’s getting a little flatter!


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