Day 52 Eureka, KS to Newton, KS

Today’s Stats: 74 Miles, +/- Elevation, 1,916/1,490, Total Miles 1,751. Weather still HOT. Another early start 5am but long day so certainly did not beat the heat. We ended day with 97 degrees.

Cows already swimming as heat continues to rise we thought of jumping in with them.

Going to lunch!

Early in ride starting a couple of climbs in the Flint Hills.

Love the “Population 100 give or take a few!”

Front of cafe and gas station. The husband chatting with 2 couples that were there when we were. They talked to us asking all about our trip and bikes.

Jennifer who is owner, cook, waitress and cashier. This is only place to eat in Cassoday. They also allow bikers to camp out back and if she knows they are coming after she closes restaurant she will leave food for them.

Met Eastbound rider Pauline with her mascot primate (sock monkey) on back. If you notice not much luggage on her bike as husband doing SAG for her!

Pauline’s husband with their camper van. He also picked up another injured rider to take him to the cafe we just left. We passed the other 4 riders traveling him 4 as went down the road.

Yes another must on 97 degree day.

The leader of the Trans Am Bike race, Kraig Pauli passed our hotel in the early evening. He gave me a smile and thumbs up as he passed through town. These riders race from west to east on the route we are riding. They ride unsupported and have to provide for their own food, lodging and repairs. 42 racers started from Astoria, Oregon on June 6th and Kraig is now in the middle of Kansas!

10 thoughts on “Day 52 Eureka, KS to Newton, KS

  1. Kudos to you both for traveling 74 miles in 97 degree heat!! You are real troupers for sure—very, very impressive. I am also amazed at the kindness of people who leave food for you travelers in so many locales, which proves that there is still good in America!

    o many


  2. So many heartwarming experiences along your travels! Can’t believe that you could do 74 miles in the heat – you two are amazing!


  3. Wow, what a day. Congrats to the two of you. Humanity is good. Wonderful people, wonderful experiences. Always lots of smiles, too.


  4. Very impressive day, 74 miles!! I continue to be in awe of what the two of you are accomplishing.

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  5. You both are so inspiring! How do you ride a bike in 97 temps!! Not to mention 74 miles!! I love it! Wonderful people you are meeting on your adventure and their support for bikers is outstanding!!


  6. They’re racing!!!! I can’t imagine riding a bike in 97 degree heat, let alone racing at that temperature. But, good for them! I thought the ice cream sign looked appealing – I mean, it would be nice to have an ice cream cone to cool off.


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