Day 96 Pacific City, OR to Garibaldi, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 37, +/- Elevation, 1,991/1,890, Total Miles 3,274.

Weather sunny in high 60’s. Fog over Pacific until it burnt off. Another day of beautiful scenery on the ride. We ride a lot of up and down along the coast. Today we had a 800 foot climb. No matter how much climbing we always end up back at sea level.

First climb took us to this view.

We found a cheese and ice cream factory!

Tillamook ice cream right from the factory!

Mark with his buddy.

View from our motel on Tillamook Bay. Garibaldi is a mix of industry and tourism. Next to our motel was a facility that was processing logs for loading onto ships.

Nice room here with a nautical theme.
And bikes.

Walk after dinner.

The Spot seafood merchant on the dock.

4 thoughts on “Day 96 Pacific City, OR to Garibaldi, OR

  1. pat and mark…..beautiful vistas of the Pacific Ocean. You guys have seen so many scenic area of our country during your trip. Continued safe travels.


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  2. What a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean! Definitely going to miss following you on this journey. Won’t be too long until we see you in person, Pat and Mark. Enjoy the rest of your ride!


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