Day 99 Gearhart, OR to Astoria, OR

Today’s Stats: Miles 23, +/- Elevation, 958/981, Total Miles 3,345.

Misty day the ride took us on Lewis and Clark Road to bus 101 into Astoria! We have reached the end of the TransAm bicycle route. We will now ride on the Pacific Coast bicycle route to Bremerton, Washington where we will catch the ferry to Seattle.

Doing a rest day in Astoria before making our way to Seattle/Amtrak.

Our warm shower Hostess Pat in Gearhart made us dinner and breakfast and provided us with a lovely private bedroom and bath.

Leaving Gearhart saying goodbye to Pat and her dog Annie.

Must be good knitting community in Gearhart! With the cooler temperatures would get year long use of your woolens.

Past Lewis and Clark National historic Park.

101 Bridge into Astoria we did not ride over this one.

Bridge over Lewis and Clark River. This bridge had a button to push to alert motorists that cyclists were on the road.

We did it!

Nice view from bar at Buoy Brewery recommended to us from Todd who we met at Pelican Brewery at Pacific City! Thanks Todd it was great!

15 thoughts on “Day 99 Gearhart, OR to Astoria, OR

  1. Well done you guys! Incredible achievement. I will, however, NOT be following in you footsteps, or rather cycle tracks! Hope to see you in AZ this winter.


  2. Congratulations, Pat and Mark, on completing the TransAm bicycle route! So amazed at what you two have accomplished! Enjoy your final travels home.


  3. Pat and Mark,

    Very impressive and what a wonderful trip!

    All the best and safe travels on the remainder of your journey!

    Best Regards,
    Tony Fea


  4. Pat and Mark….Congratulations on arriving in Astoria!! As I reflect on your journey, here are the phrases/words that come to mind: outstanding, amazing, perseverance, what an accomplishment, magnificent, incredible, unbelievable, astonishing, impressive, spectacular, ambitious, and courageous.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your trip upon your return to Wheaton.


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  5. Congratulations! Mission accomplished! You two are incredible, you’re determination and persistence is remarkable. Oh the stories you can tell…


  6. Congratulations!!! You completed the amazing TransAm bicycle route!! Your perseverance is something to be proud of. I am sure it was not an easy traveling experience but you both did it and did not give up!! Yahoo!!! I personally loved your stories and your pictures. You met the most wonderful people. Can’t wait to see you!!! Love you both!


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