Day 103 Castle Rock, WA to Centralia, WA

Today’s Stats: Miles 39, +/- Elevation, 1302/1220, Total Miles 3,441.

Beautiful sunny weather today for riding started in 60’s and ended high 70’s. Nice quiet country roads on the ride today. Mostly farmland. Only one town on the way, Toledo about 15 miles into the ride.

Lots of old bridges on the route.

Sure can tell what state we are in!

Very close to Mt St. Helens.

Quite the mural in Toledo.

Mount St. Helens in the distance. It erupted in 1980 and had volcanic activity occurring until 2008.

Passed the South Lewis County Airport near Toledo.

Not sure what kind of records are kept for naked skydiving but they have a record holder here.

Nice low traffic Country road this morning.

Sweater on the hoof.

Outside our hotel for the night. The Olympic Club has a bar, cafe, hotel, movie theater and pool hall. It has been in operation as a hotel since 1908. We had a nice room with a shared bath similar to the hotel in Astoria.

Even room for bikes if you can carry them!

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