Day 112 Chicago, IL to Warrenville, IL

Today’s Stats: 6 miles on bike, 28 miles on the train. Saturday August 14, 2021

We want to say a big THANKS to everyone for your support, prayers, positive thoughts and friendship throughout this journey. The love and encouraging comments from all of you kept us going. There was many a day that we had to dig deep to get back on the bike but knowing we had this supporting community helped us peddle on each day.

We were blessed to stay healthy and have no accidents during the trip. Many of the roads we took were not made with bicycles and large vehicles in mind. Bicycle touring is a great way to see the country and we hope to see the biking infrastructure improve. The mechanical issues we had with the bikes were minimal and able to be resolved quickly.

The trip has been rewarding and challenging. The fun part of this journey was meeting so many other bikers and locals as we traversed the country. Thankful to have met and traveled with Shelly and Jens from Eugene. Jens will be happy to know that Pat is still pronouncing Oregon correctly. We throughly enjoyed our journey home which completed a very large loop of this vast USA.

Next adventure yet to be planned! Need to go through our mail first!!!

Hotel Monaco in the heart of activity in Chicago. We arrived in Chicago in the late afternoon and decided to stay in downtown and take the Metra commuter train home on Saturday morning.

Statue of Mr. Chicago Irv Kupcinet “Kup” columnist for Chicago Sun Times.

In bike lane in Chicago check out Green Bike light.

Metra to western suburbs.

Rode from Winfield train station to our driveway about 5 miles.

Home feels good.

13 thoughts on “Day 112 Chicago, IL to Warrenville, IL

  1. So happy that you had such a successful adventure across the U.S. Very impressed by this accomplishment, Pat and Mark. Nice to see that you are home with your feet up on your ottoman! Congratulations to you both!


  2. What an adventure!!!!! Thank you so much for including your fans in this adventure. You two astonished me every day. Praise God for safe travel.


  3. Welcome home! We loved following your amazing journey and are so happy you were able to complete it. You guys rock!


  4. Congratulations on your safe and successful journey!

    I hope you get to relax for a little bit until the next one!

    All the best!


  5. CONGRATS!!! What an awesome, inspiring, incredible and memorable journey! YOU DID IT!!! And it looks like you still like being together. Well done.


  6. What an adventure…Welcome home Pat & Mark…Steinbeck’s “Travel With Charley” was moving but your “Travels With Pat & Mark” will be out of this world…Can’t wait…


  7. Yes, Pat, but do you remember how to pronounce Willamette, Clatskanie and Nehalem?

    Shelly and I are so happy to have intersected with you two in Kentucky, and to have made our way west with you – much of the time, anyway – from there. We can’t think of anyone better with whom to have shared howling headwinds, crummy roads, creepy motels and unhealthy convenience store meals.

    Congratulations on finishing your journey!

    We’re looking forward to another adventure with you two, some how, some way, some day

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  8. Pat and Mark….I will miss receiving your daily blog. It was so well done with stats, unique pictures, information on the interesting people that you met along the way, and commentary of your day’s activities. Mary and I look forward to seeing you and learning more about your trip.


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  9. “Need to go through our mail first.” LOL

    This was indeed an impressive and inspirational achievement…an example of making a commitment to a grand vision and seeing it through. I am so thankful that you were able to complete this amazing journey in good health. Welcome home.


  10. Have really enjoyed your postings as you traveled across the U.S. Found it uplifting to see all the kind people you met along the way


  11. Congratulations, what a wonderful adventure and forever memories, you two amaze me! Welcome home to the flat land, now rest for a few minutes and enjoy the rest of your summer!😎


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